Many experts consider chemical and biological threats to be the worst but somewhat inevitable future of the terrorist threat.  While the potential for chemical attacks is already high, as technology evolves the potential of a biological attack is quickly catching up.  And while we tend to put the two in the same category there are in fact significant differences in how the nation could and should respond to chemical as opposed to biological (and especially highly contagious) events.  At the same time, even unintentional chemical and biological events present a real concern, for severe weather or an accident damaging chemical and biological facilities could well be the origin of a future catastrophe.  How should the nation best allocate limited resources for these kinds of “low probability, high consequence” events?  CHSR’s dedicated team of experts apply their understanding so-called ‘black swan events’ and non-linear risks to help policymakers, the public, and the private sector make informed decisions about these kinds of threats.