Intelligence-led Policing

When it comes to domestic terrorist acts, law enforcement is not only a first responder – it is the last line of defense in charge of identifying and stopping the attacks before they occur.  This highly complex task requires coordination among literally thousands of disparate Federal, state and local agencies, each with their own unique blend of training, equipment, and tactics, techniques and procedures.  How best can the nation’s interests be served while adhering to all appropriate civil liberty and other constraints?  CHSR’s staff has been instrumental in the development of the Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) model and its adoption by numerous state and local fusion centers across the country.  What is the future of ILP, which new technologies and procedures will improve effectiveness at reasonable cost, and how can the national and homeland security communities leverage this approach to keep us safe here at home?  CHSR actively engages in the debate about these and related topics because those who stand ready to protect us deserve nothing less.