Power Grid

America’s vital but aging power grid is valued at nearly $1 trillion today and yet will require almost $2 trillion of upgrades and enhancements over the coming two decades.  As technology-driven ideas including utility-scale alternative energy, secure, fully-closed loop microgrids, and the much awaited “smart grid” all come to fruition, what will be the changes to electrical power costs, reliability, environmental impact and resilience?  How will the impending improvements impact public utility companies, Federal, state and local regulators, and regular businesses and households as well as higher-consuming national security and energy-intensive industries? Perhaps most importantly, what are the potentially catastrophic physical and cyber risks that this 21st century power grid will create?  Given the widely recognized cyber threats, should DoD, the Intelligence Community and others consider getting off the public grid entirely?  CHSR is dedicated to addressing these and related issues involving the nation’s truly essential ability to provide always-on, always reliable electrical power.