Supply Chain Resilience

Every day transportation assets in the United States move more than eight million truckloads of freight across four million miles of highway while 1.5 million railcars traverse over 170,000 miles of track, 2400 flights pass through almost 400 airports, and 325 seaports transfer more than 25,000 containers. All this represents some $1.4 trillion worth of goods and nine million cargo containers entering the U.S. each year. And yet recent events – from terror attacks to tsunamis to even age-related infrastructure failures – indicate there is an inherent fragility to this global transportation system that is only now being fully appreciated.  What are the real risks and how should they be made resilient?  That’s what CHSR aims to help the public and private sector entities that own, operate, regulate and rely upon American and global supply chains to better understand and more effectively manage.